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Using manipulated images gleaned from websites to entice users to try a product or service Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201489D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-11
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Disclosed is a method to increase consumer interest in online advertisements by incorporating existing user photographs into the advertisement. The method accesses user photographs from social networking or photograph processing sites and places them into the context of an online advertisement allowing the user to visualize him/herself interacting with the product or service.

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Using manipulated images gleaned from websites to entice users to try a product or service

Online advertising is often broad, uninteresting and irrelevant to the user, which diminishes its effectiveness. A better method is needed to engage consumers as they are looking at online advertisements.

In order to increase the impact of an online advertisement, the disclosed method applies uploaded personal images of the consumer to advertising websites.

The disclosed method take images of consumers that have been uploaded to a social networking or photograph processing website, and manipulates them such that the users can see themselves in the enhanced image -- ideally in a more desirable locale or with improved or altered features. For advertising purposes, the disclosed effectively puts the consumer "in the picture."

Image backgrounds can be easily replaced to promote a specific outcome or position the person with the object of purchase, such as:
• Vacation destinations
• Sporting events
• Homes
• Automobiles

Another embodiment allows a consumer to visualize themselves with products or in specific situations, such as:
• Clothing
• Eye ware
• Winning a contest (shown with prize)
• Performing a skill