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Magic Packet Generator Adapter and Software for PDA Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201491D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-11
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With the increasing computing power and prevalence of Personal Digital/Data Assistance (PDA) devices and Smart Phones, technical tasks which have traditionally been performed from PCs or servers can be ported to PDAs for increased flexibility and convenience. One such example is the Wake on LAN management function, in which traditionally a second system will generate a "Magic Packet" to wake the first system on the same LAN, which is in a sleeping state.

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Magic Packet Generator Adapter and Software for PDA

A PDA with wireless local area network (WLAN) capability is equipped with a Magic Packet (MP) generating application (app). A Magic Packet is basically a broadcast frame containing sixteen repetitions of the target computer's MAC address. The full Magic Packet specification can be found from online sources. The MP app allows entry of the target system or group of system's MAC address, and allows a single-shot send or continuous sends with time delay in-between. The MP app can communicate directly on the LAN or through a Sleep Proxy Service server.