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[VL100] Profiled E-mail Filter (One E-mail/Multiple Users) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201508D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Nov-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Nov-12
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Profiled E-mail Filter (One E-mail/Multiple Users)


This program would allow users who share their inboxes with others to filter the unsolicited e- mails to the appropriate inbox based on user preferences.

Another way in which information can be compartmentalized is via multiple users who utilize one account. For example, one e-mail address may be used for several users. This is often seen with company websites where visitors can query for information utilizing an information e-mail
(i.e. ). Another scenario is seen where employees of an industry or students/employees of a university need help on a particular matter, and there is a sole e-mail where multiple users have the ability to respond (i.e., The e-mail then has the ability to become compartmentalized (or it is received by multiple users) since the e-mail is usually sent to multiple users who manage the account associated with the e- mail address. Another example is often seen when a family shares a sole e-mail address (i.e., ), and one e-mail can be sent to multiple family members who have e-mail addresses associated with the account.

The profiled e-mail filter would allow what would be deemed as irrelevant to one particular user of the shared account, as pertinent subject matter in another, without the need for one particular user to even look at the e-mail. Furthermore, the profiled e-mail filter would allow unsolicited e- mail to not be deemed as spam and ignored. The filter would allow each user to enter particular key words pertaining to each user. In the help desk example, for instance, if one of the users only deals with hardware issues on Lenovo computers, the key words related to hardware issues on Lenovo computers would be entered in this particular users profile. When an e-mail about a broken motherboard is sent to this one address, in this instance, let's use , the filter will direct this to the appropriate user without the need for every account user to read each e-mail. (See Figure 5, Example 1a)

This improves upon existent technology in that it allows e-mail that would normally have to be sorted and read by each user who manages a shared account, to be able to be directly sent to the user who it would pertain to the most.

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Additionally, as mentioned, in terms of un-solicited e-mail, this filter would dismiss what one user may deem as spam from arriving in their inbox, and allow another user to receive the e- mail. This particular feature would be most useful where a family is sharing one e-mail account. One user may be interested in reading about the latest offers in makeup, while another user may not. In turn, the user most interested in makeup, would enter in "makeup" as a subject interest in their profile, and any un-solicited e-mails related to makeup would arrive to them. It is sort of similar to one man's trash is another e-mail users tr...