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[VL100] The Social Network Connector Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201510D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Nov-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Nov-13
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The Social Network Connector


This social network connector is an application that can connect multiple social networking websites including but not limited to facebook, twitter, linkedin, "blogs", and myspace. Since more and more people are becoming connected via social networking, many people are using multiple social networks to become connected to one another. Consequently, being able to connect to multiple social networks simultaneously is extremely useful to people who utilize social networks. This application allows the user to login to one account and be connected to facebook, twitter, linkedin, their blog, as well as myspace. If the user posted something to one social website, they would have the option of having it posted to various other social websites at the same time.

To implement the social network connector, a user needs to create or already have a profile with either myspace, facebook, twitter, linkedin, or one of the blogs. Once this user account is created, a welcome screen will ask the user whether they would like to be connected to the other various social networks in which their original account was not already established. If the user is not making a new account, but instead already has an account with a social network, this feature will come on as a pop up for the user, asking them whether they are interested in linking to other social networks. (See Figure 1) If the user has multiple accounts with different social networks, this feature will ask what the user name is on the other social websites, find the user name on the other sites and link the two together.

Once the user is linked together to all the networking sites, the user will be allowed to post information on one of the social networking websites and have the option of having this information posted to all the social networking websites in which they are connected. Once the user makes a post, and pop up would come up asking them if they would like the information posted to the other websites in which they are linked. Each post could optionally be edited or altered as appropriate where different formatting or content inclusion may be needed. Reformatting could be part of a user profile or preference setting to automate or simplify content reformatting and inclusion/omission. (See Figure 1)

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Figure 1 : The Social Network Connector

Step 1: Highlighted Box Shows the social media you originally signed onto.

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