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Method to Determine the Display of Menu Items based on User's Intent Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201536D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-15
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Disclosed is an idea which helps in determining the display of Menu Items in a webpage for instance when the mouse is moved from one position to another. When the mouse pointer is moved in such a way that it passes over the certain menu items, the webpage captures the mouse hover events and tends to display the menu items even though this display may not be desired by the user. This disclosure explains the problems which the user faces in addtion to the bad user experience because of this typical design and how these problems can be solved by determining the conditional display of Menu Items rather than always displaying them.

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Method to Determine the Display of Menu Items based on User 's Intent
The problem solved by this invention is the "unnecessary" drop down of the menus like

in webpages when the user moves the mouse from one position (Initial position) to

another(Target Position) on a webpage which may be some hyperlink This leads to the following problems that need to be addressed:
1) It leads to a bad user experience because of the unnecessary mouse movements the

user had to make to reach the destination.
2) The page looks cluttered with the Menus and Submenus even for small movement of

3) The average distance travelled by the mouse for a displacement 'x' is approximately

4) Lot of unnecessay Input Output operations are performed which are resource

consuming and degrade the system performance.

This issue arises as a result of the current implementation of the mouse hover events

that as soon as the mouse hovers over the Menu


SubMenu items, thees are shown

even though that was not the intended purpose of the mouse pointer movement. Solution :
The proposed solution for the problem as described above is based on the calculation

of the rate of change of the speed of the mouse pointer as it moves through the

Menu Fields. While the mouse pointer moves through the Menu Fields, the logic which

implements the mouse hover events can get the information about the

acceleration\deceleration of the mouse pointer from the underlying framework. Based on the calculations and heuristic...