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Method and System for Determining Rebuild of a Binary Code Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201539D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-15
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A method and system is provided to determine if a binary code is to be rebuilt. The binary code is rebuilt if the time taken to copy a similar binary code from a central server exceeds the time required to rebuild the binary code locally.

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Method and System for Determining Rebuild of a Binary Code

Disclosed is a method and system for determining if a binary code is to be rebuilt.

Basic build utilities automatically build a piece of code into binaries using a configuration file written for the build. Generally, a time stamp based check is performed to determine if a need to rebuild exists. If a source code is older than existing binaries, a build utility may determine that the need to rebuild does not exist. However, in some build utilities a version check may be performed by matching all versions used for a binary in a current build. If the versions used for the binary match, then the binary is reused, otherwise the binary is rebuilt.

In advanced source code management (SCM) systems, a piece of code may be rebuilt by several developers on different machines or on a same machine at different workplaces. These SCMs allow reusing binaries built across the different machines or at the different workplaces on a same machine. By allowing the reuse of existing binaries, the time to build is reduced. Further, the time to build may also be reduced by building several binaries in parallel.

However, in case of small binaries or even larger binaries with slow network connections, time consumed in searching for existing binaries and copying the existing binaries to a current workspace may be higher when compared to time consumed for locally rebuilding the binaries.

The method and system disclosed herein determines if a binary code...