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Top Actuated Dimm (TAD) latch replacement tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201591D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-15
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This is a modification to an existing *IBM Dimm connector latch removal tool, P/N 27R2963, that allows for removing a broken latch from a Top Actuated Dimm (TAD) memory socket

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Top Actuated Dimm (TAD) latch replacement tool

The modifications made to the IBM® tool P/N 27R2963, allows for removing a broken latch from Top Actuated Dimm memory sockets IBM PN 44V7749 and PN 44V7752 or similar (Pic. #1), used on processor boards found in IBM systems. This eliminates having to replace the entire dimm connector for a broken latch.

The latches on the TAD dimm sockets have been breaking during the installation and/or ejection of the Memory dimm modules (Pic. #2). The present IBM tool 27R2963, was developed to remove broken latches from industry standard memory dimm sockets by capturing the upper portion of that style latch (Pic. #3). The TAD dimm socket's new latch design does not have a feature for the IBM tool P/N 27R2963 to capture for removal. By making a few modifications to the IBM tool 27R2963, the latches are able to be removed for replacement if they become damaged.

The design changes made to the IBM tool 27R2963 was to lengthen and reduce the diameter of the steel pins used to .035" x .600", milling specific .014" x .100" notches into the steel pins and change the main body style of the tool that retains the pins (See Figure). The present tool does not allow the TAD latch to return to the closed position and be captured, which is the position the latch has to be in for removal. When the modified tool is inserted into the latch guide rails and bottomed out on top of the latches two pivot pins, the two .014" x .100" notches will allow t...