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Storing recoverable transaction metadata

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201596D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-16
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Storing transactional meta-data within a separate transactional context sharing state with the original transaction.

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Storing recoverable transaction metadata

When a transaction is routed through the IBM CICS Transaction Gateway, information needs to be maintained about which CICS server is processing the transaction. This is to allow all other work which is part of the transaction to be sent to the same CICS server.

    The meta-data for the transaction is stored outside of the main transaction but in such a way that it persists only for the length of the transaction. Additionally the information is stored so that it will persist should the CICS Transaction Gateway that originally started the transaction becomes unavailable.

When a transaction is successfully started in the CICS server, a second transaction is started to store the meta-data about the first transaction. This second transaction then goes through the same life-cycle as the original transaction. This ensures that the information is stored for as long as required and removed once it is no longer required.

    When the meta-data is required then the information is recovered from the stored transaction and used to complete the original transaction.

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