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Intelligent VM Migration Based on Relative VM Priority and Relative Suitability of Migration Target Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201632D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-16
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Disclosed is an intelligent Virtual Machine (VM) migration engine that automatically identifies and compares critical criteria among possible migration targets and determines the most suitable option.

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Intelligent VM Migration Based on Relative VM Priority and Relative Suitability of Migration Target

In a highly virtualized data center, Virtual Machine (VM) migration is an important function. In order to successfully migrate a VM, it is important to understand the possible locations to which a VM can be migrated. For example, if there is a singular Input/Output (I/O) resource available, it may be necessary for a VM being migrated to maintain some physical proximity to that I/O resource (i.e., the VM has affinity for a physical resource).

Since the potential migration destinations can often be myriad, systems engineers need methods for selecting the best VM destination from a number of possibilities given as many factors as possible.

The disclosed solution is an intelligent migration engine. The solution selects a suitable VM migration target by:

Determining a VM priority, including one or more methods of calculating a


relative affinity to a given resource and calculating a relative criticality Determining a solution score for all valid migration targets, where the process


includes one or more methods of calculating a VM target's relative resiliency and calculating a VM target's relative proximity to a resource
Selecting a migration target based on the VM priority and the solution scores,


which includes selecting the target which has the largest solution score which is less than the VM migration priority

By considering one or more of the relative criticalities of a VM as compared with its peers, the strength of the VM's affinity for a particular resource, and the predicted resiliency of the target, a VM migration engine makes a good decision regarding the proper migration destination for a VM.

The VM migration engine identifies a VM that needs to be migrated, determines a plurality of possible resources to where the VM can be migrated, and retrieves one or more mitigating factors. Mitigating factors present from methods to:
• Determine the criticality of the VM as compared to its peers.

E.g.: obtaining the criticality score (as initially defined by the user or policy) from all existing workloads and resolving a...