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[VL100] Wireless Connection Notification System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201654D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Nov-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Nov-17
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Wireless Connection Notification System


This system will provide notification on the wireless device as to whether the user is in or out of range of a possible connection.

With the use of laptops, iPad, iPhone, MP3 devices with WiFi capabilities, users want the ability to be able to use their internet remotely and expeditiously. In turn, making sure people are able to have the best internet connection is more important now than ever. The Wireless Connection Notification System (WCNS) will give the user the best idea about the quality and the type of connection in the range of anywhere the user visits.

Often times, when one is using a WiFi capable device, a screen will pop up on the device alerting the user of the WiFi connections in the nearby vicinity, and sometimes, the particular strengths
of the WiFi connections. With the latter aspect, the strengths of the WiFi connections are often indicated by bars. The user then has to manually choose which connection they would like to use, and then enter any passwords if necessary. When one tries to use applications which require WiFi with the iPhone, for example, a small box appears on the screen indicating the connections in the nearby area. The user then chooses the connection, enters the password, if necessary, and then is able to access the internet. If the user has previously accessed that particular connection and entered the password, there is usually an option asking the user if they want the device to remember that particular network setting. All of these steps are very time consuming, and often tedious. The Wireless Connection...