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Method of Associating Selective Page Content Print Resolution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201658D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-17
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Disclosed is a method to apply different print resolutions and print-out options to specified areas of a document.

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Method of Associating Selective Page Content Print Resolution

Most desktop printers offer printing options to print a page as "Draft" or "Super-fine Resolution", or anything in between. The problem with this current approach is that it applies to the entire page. Users need a method to assign different printer resolution to selections from a document.

There are no known solutions. All printers allow a user to select a resolution to apply to the print job as whole, but not to associate multiple resolutions with a single print job.

The drawback to the current method of printing is that a user may wish to designate a certain portion (e.g., an image) as high resolution and text as low resolution (or vice-versa), but has to apply a single resolution to the entire print job. Using low resolution is important as it speeds printing jobs and saves ink (important for Green technology), but it is not appropriate in all cases. If a user has an image or diagram that needs to be printed in fine resolution, this has to be applied to the entire print job. This results in a waste of limited resources and has a negative environmental impact.

The disclosed solution allows a user to select a certain portion of a page and assign to it a specific print resolution.

The ability to select an area of the page and assign a resolution resides in the print preview mode. To implement this invention, the user clicks on the document and drags the mouse over an area, defining a boundary around a section of the page. The shape of the selection can either be rectangular or circular in nature. When the selection is defined, the user right-clicks and associates a printer resolution with that section.

In a typical embodiment, the user needs to print a page with both text and a graphic. They would like to print the graphic in color with a fine resolution, but the text in black and white with dr...