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System and Method to couple user's attention with important mails Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201665D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-17
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Disclosed is a method to add latency to the deletion of important email, forcing users to read the messages before being allowed to delete them.

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System and Method to couple user 's attention with important mails

Due to the abundance of email messages users receive every day, critical information is at risk of being deleted, overlooked, or not viewed in a timely manner. There are systems in place to flag emails of high importance, but users do not always take advantage of these features. A more efficient and user-friendly method is needed to ensure that users are reading critical email messages.

The disclosed solution is a method to add latency to the deletion of important email, forcing users to read important emails before being allowed to delete them. The method prevents hasty, on-the-fly deletion of email messages and ensures that the user engaged in at least a cursory read of the message.

One of the following methods is used to set the time of delay before deletion can occur:
• The delay time is dynamic and determined by the average time that other recipients have taken to read the message

• The sender imposes a delay period
• The recipient's user preferences impose a delay depending on the content within the message

For example, when a user sends an email to someone they can mark the mail as having high importance. The sender may have the authority to do this depending on the relative seniority of the sender and the recipients. The user has a user interface that allows them to set triggers to enable this latency. Additionally the user can request that they be exempted from latencies in this thread or f...