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Automatically send deleted attachments to newly-added recipients of an email thread Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201666D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-17
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Disclosed is a system that acts as an email feature to ensure that all recipients in an email thread receive the necessary attachments. The system detects when new recipients are added to the thread and attaches the files or embedded graphics to only that recipient’s message; therefore, members of an email thread do not receive attachments multiple times and new recipients have the information they need.

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Automatically send deleted attachments to newly -added recipients of an email thread

In continuous communication via email, an email thread continues to grow as senders or responders add recipients. In order to for a newly-added recipient to become informed on the topic of conversation, they would also have to receive all of the attachments that have been included since the beginning of the email thread. If earlier recipients removed attachments, a user would have to manually attach them again or send the particular added recipient a separate note containing all of the removed attachments. A more efficient method is needed to send deleted attachments to newly-added recipients of an email thread.

Prior art addresses a subset of recipients receiving a partial email (including attachments). [1] The disclosed solution is different and novel in that it is a system which automatically analyzes the recipients of the email and makes a smart guess as to whom has not received the attachments.

The disclosed invention is a system that auto-detects which recipients should receive the message with attachments/images that may have been previously removed. The system automatically detects new recipients on the To, CC, or BCC list, and asks the sender whether or not they would like those newly-added recipients to receive the message with attachments. An attachment update can be detected by the last save time stamp when the file name of the attachment remains the same. An embedded/imported graphic change could be detected using a file hash that compares bit by bit two binary files (checksum). Others who are not newly-added and have already been sent...