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Test based RESTFul Web Services Integration Platform Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201672D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-18
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The best known implementation of system that conforms to the REST architectural style is the World Wide Web. A RESTful web service (also called a RESTful web API) is a simple web service implemented by HTTP and the principles of REST.RESTful web services are more and more popular because of its addressability and scalability. There are many internet corporations (etc. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo) provide RESTful web services. More and more web applications are built on RESTful web services. But unfortunately, currently RESTful web services are exposed to users mainly via API documents, all the RESTful web services are individual and users don't know the relationships between RESTful web services, and there is no way to management these RESTful web services, so it is hard to use these RESTful web services to build new applications. This disclosure is going to build a platform to help IT professionals and common users to build web applications from RESTful services in a more agile way even without mastering any programming language, they can easily get and organize relationships between RESTful web services and leverage these relationships to build new web application to fulfill rapidly changed requirements. The platform includes test framework for services. It focuses on validating input and output of the services. Test cases can be converted to XML based metadata. The key point is software quality engagements on services can eventually contribute to web applications building. The metadata (called RWSCD, short name of RESTful web services consumer descriptor) can provide interfaces to connect RESTful web services together. The platform organizes the services basing on the metadata. With template, several RESTful web services can be combined together to make a new simple web application. Also, security information to access the services should be maintained in credential slot of platform. Tag is used for helping to exploring RESTful web services more easily. IT professionals can use the platform to introduce RESTful web services from third party, ensure quality of those services developed by IT professionals and integrate the services from outside and inside all together to build new web applications in an agile way.

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Test based RESTFul Web Services Integration Platform

The whole picture of the platform is

Quality ensured RESTful web services government platform

Resource Identification






Meta Data of RESTful web services

Test cases or test suites

Test Framework


test UI

RWSCD (Meta data of RESTful web services)

Basically speaking, a basic flow for accessing a RESTful web service is like the following: end user access resource uri, put some parameters in HTTP body. Server processes the request, and returns HTTP status (for example 200) and HTTP body to end user.

Since the RESTful web service is kind of relatively lightweight web services, and it is easy to test on it:

1. Verify the inputs, verify the HTML form parameters for HTTP post action or URL parameters for HTTP get action;
2. Verify the output, verify whether it returns expected HTTP status, and XML or JSON in HTTP body are expected as the schema describes.

What's RWSCD (short name of RESTful web services consumer descriptor)? It tells that what input is required for posting data to web services. See the following


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It also tells that what output looks like.

RWSCD can be converted to HTML page by the platform. The HTML page contains simple HTML UI component, Javascript events or URI pointing to other RESTful web services.

TEST framework

Test framework is focusing on validate input and output of RESTful web services. An API level framework (JUnit) is going to help


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developers to test the services


Another option is to test services on the platform


The platform provides an UI based test utility



helps to generate test cases more easily. Both of option helps to generate RWSCD.

Services wiring

It means part of output could invoke another service, or could become input of another services (like 'event' or 'src' attribute represents). This makes it possible t...