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Method and system for toggling breakpoint automatically in debugger Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201674D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-18
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Provided a new method to help developer automatically toggling breakpoint via IDE debugger. Which need user know which values are incorrect, then input them before non-stop preparative debugging process. In this way, debugger will find out the place where value occured and toggling breakpoint automatically.

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Method and system for toggling breakpoint automatically in debugger

The issue we met in current debugging process

As we know, debugging is a process in software development whereby program analysts comb through computer code looking for problems. It relies on debugging information a compiler generates using the compiler command and option to inspect the state of the process. It allowed user to set breakpoints to stop or trace a program if a specified value or expression changes or meets some other condition. Spot check the value of variables or expressions or methods whenever the program is stopped; monitor variables or expressions or methods for changes over time; examine the call stack; move up and down the call stack, and call functions in the program. But all those functions will be efficient only if user already toggled the breakpoint which being touched. So the problem is sometimes developer doesn't know where can toggle the breakpoint, they just know where shows the wrong value via application runtime. On the other hand, in C/S model application, client also send request to server side which contained the values, so for server side debugging also existing this problem, it's difficult for developer to set breakpoint in server side code to track the wrong values .

Core idea:

The IDE(Intergrated Develpement Environment) debugger should provide user an automatically toggling breakpoint method which claimed as below:
1.A processor comprising: a processor support user to input some values and values' type first which they concerned and maybe incorrect, then provide user to run a non-stop preparative debugging process in order to find out and locate the variable, expressions or methods which value match the user setting before in source code. After that, automatically toggled breakpoints for those variables, expressions or methods in source code via IDE, meanwhile generate a editable list to show automatically toggled breakpoints.
2.A processor according to claim 1 wherein: when user want to toggle breakpoint automatically, user need to specify the input values and corresponding values' type, at least one value. Each input value will be record in order to compare with each processing variables' value , expressions' value and methods' return value, if result match, debugger will store the


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position of the variable or expression or method and automatically toggling breakpoint .
3.A processor according to claim 1 wherein: the generate editable list which showing automatically toggled breakpoints can be used to help user enable or disable the automatically toggling breakpoint.
4.A processor according to claim 1 wherein: the automatically toggling breakpoint...