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A method and system for developers' behavior tracking and quick assistance in collaborative application development environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201675D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-18

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This article is about to utilize a mechanism cross both server site and client site in a collaborative software development environment, thus to implement developer behavior tracking. The maintained developer's behavior data finally helps on offering a timely quick assistance to the developer.

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A method and system for developers '

development environment

Nowadays, emerging Internet technologies such as Web 2.0 make software and IT application development an art of making distributed teams to develop great software in concert . Teams across business, development, testing, release, and operation must collaborate together to deliver software and services to their customers . Especially in open community or Cloud based collaborative development environment , there are usually thousands developers , testers work together in a same program for the final deliverables . This relies very much on the help of collaborative principles and tools .

In a distributed application development context , developers move from face to face interaction to digitally mediated interaction . Gestures, facial expressions,etc., these observable subtle information are mostly absent in IT platform . And typically, the heart of current collaborative development platform is to coordinate hand offs between team members to synchronize the entire team through streamlined process. The understanding on people is mainly derived from post -thought on artifacts analysis for management purpose . That means some indispensable social cues which are the axes of understanding and judgement on "People",are lost.

This disclosure is about a method and system which extends the current collaborative application development platform , to observe developers' behaviors. Thus developer's translucence behavior information combined with Collaborative Life cycle Management (CLM) statistics information, offer more precise judgement on developer 's status such as efficiency . Withthis system support , once a certain trend is captured, for example, the developer has hard time to implement a design pattern , it triggers a system to collect quick assistance feedback from back end whole CLM network , steers the developer to immediate assistance . This smart development idea is to facilitate deep, coherent and productive collaboration among large groups of people over collaborative development networks .


Collaborative Life cycle Management (CLM): Collaborative life cycle management coordinates people , processes, and information in an iterative cycle of software and systems delivery activities .

Translucence: making information visible , thus people also have a sophisticated understanding of thephysics that underlie the visibility .

Key points :

This idea is to extend the current collaborative development platform to
1) Build a flexible framework to track developers ' behaviors in a multidimensional way .
2) Extend on collaborative platform to define the model for "Development Behavior", assemble Behavior Pattern for specific social cues
3) Extend the integrated development environment , upon the Behavior Pattern , to track developers' behavior and interactive information
4) An engine timely mergers the developers ' behavior data with necessary delivery and post -delivery inform...