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Tag based window and tab management system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201676D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-18

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Disclosed is a system for managing windows and tabs by using tag. In the invention, through create tag on each windows and tabs, windows and tabs are displaying and grouping by the tags instead of tranditional format. By this way, the application windows and tabs can be found easily, and similar windows can be close together as most time they are working for a same purpose. So it will help people manage his daily work better, easily, efficiently and freely.

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Tag based window and tab management system

Note of term

In this discloser, window means
A: A small area on a screen in which a file or a part of a file can be displayed.
B: A GUI in which an program or application is running.

C: The window includes X Window in Linux, Microsoft Window, etc.

In this discloser, Tabs include
A sub-window in an TDI (tabbed document interface) program or a sub-window in a MDI (multiple
document interfaces) program,e.g.web browser, web application, text editors.


What is the problem

Nowadays, an employee in an enterprise or an organization usually needs to run multiple computer
programs to fulfill the daily work. We had to fix defect, write status report, prepare chart
for BP training, order cake for child, etc, we had to open many many windows for these work....
Many word processing program windows, browser tabs, IDE development windows ..... running there

Different windows or tabs act as the window to specific piece of information, which help us work
more efficiently. However, we often feel inconvenient to manipulate those windows and tabs.

1.1 It's hard to locate the application window or tab in my daily work


In order to finish our daily work, we will launch many application and open many windows, day
and day, minutes and minutes.

Following picture show a very common situation in our daily work, Many windows are opened and
grouped in task bar. See Fig.1

Figure 1 A very common situation in our daily work (case 1)



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Although grouping programs helps us to identify them easily, we have to click the group and look
for a specific program in the long list. You launch them in different time, for different task.
See Fig.2

Figure 2 A very common situation in our daily work (case 2)

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Sometimes we work with a TDI or MDI program, e.g. Browsers, picture tools, text viewer, etc.. We
often open many tabs or sub-windows at the same time. To switch among the tabs and sub-windows,
we have to take a look at tabs one by one. Some programs provide the capability to search the
tab with a few characters user inputs. However, it is still not convenient for user, especially
when opening too many tabs.

See Fig.3, you already had open many browser tabs in different time for different task...... Can
you find the one for cake ordering in browser tabs quickly? Or find the one for outing plan in
editor easily?

Figure 3 A very common situation in our daily work (case 3)


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1.2 It's hard to close the application window or tab in my daily work

It's hard for user to close all useless Window, after he finish one task, because the window and
tab had been everywhere.... They could only close the grouped window or all tabs within

You maybe had to open the browsers/text viewers, review every tab, to identify which...