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Dymanical virtual disk provisioning to create virtual mirror disks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201677D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-18
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Take utilization the existing storage provisioning technology. The disclosure provides a method to create mirror protection for storage pool without half the storage pool capacity by storage provisioning technology. Farther more, the mirror result will be in proper mirror with better performance. The idea here is when people do mirror protection on host, no matter AIX/linux/i5. Client partition will evaluate how much extra space required for the mirror system - which is not difficult since we can easily identify those metrics with existing infrastructure. Client partition need analysis all available storage pool to identify the proper way to create a virtual disk and avoid invalid virtual disk mirror. System call storage configuration interface to allocate new virtual disk and configure the path to client partition. So that client partition can get those new virtual disk in place automatically. The method can make user implement the storage mirror much easier than ever.

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Dymanical virtual disk provisioning to create virtual mirror disks

, and virtual system do not keep physical hardware,

hypervisor or VIOS. Avaliability will be more important for customer, since in virtualization environemnt, the hardware failures may not just impact one system but a lot virtual systems. Especially in data center, the greater the number of disk units that are attached to a system, the more frequent disk-related hardware failures are because there are more individual pieces of hardware that can fail. One of the solution is to enable mirror protects to use redundancy device/data protect important business application. The level of mirrored protection determines whether the system keeps running when different levels of hardware fail. The level of protection is the amount of duplicate disk-related hardware that you have. The more mirrored pairs that have higher levels of protection, the more often your system will be usable when disk related hardware fails. You may decide that a lower level of protection is more cost effective for your system than a higher level.

Today's virtualization technology makes the configuration more complex. There are two problem people have to facing when implement mirror protect for their systems. Firstly, if the storage contain customer data, mirror protection sometimes require data relocation. Because of the data redundancy, the storage pool may not have enough capacity to do mirror. Secondly. Client operating system just deal all the virtual disk as physical disk. but if the virtual disk come from multiple storage pool, the mirror system can get better performance and protects.

Let's take the following figure as an example: The power platform have dual VIOS configuration and each VIOS contribute storage to client partition (

could be AIX, linux). The client partition have six disks,

                                          01 - 03 from VIOS1 and disk 04-05 from VIOS2. Mirror protects cross the VIOS can increase system availability. Even VIOS crash, client partition still continue work with internal disk. But from client partition side,

when user/system admin

implement the mirror, the system depends on how many free capacity in existing disk, it may cause the mirror fail if the free space is not enough to contain the redundancy data.

Disk01 - 03 from vios1


Disk04 - 05 from vios2




Disk 06 from vios2 is 20G

Virtualization technology enable a dynamical infrastructure

which could be managed and consolidate by


where disk


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Todays' virtualization and storage provisioning technology actually can help system admin to reduce the work load to implement mirror protections. The storage provisioning can create virtual disk and attach to virtual system dynamically. Linked those exiting technology, it is easy for system can easily plan the mirror solution which give the better mirror

Take utilization the existing storage provisioning technology. The...