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Method and System for Automatic Writing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201678D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-18
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Disclosed is a system or method for assiting people to compose documents with high productivity via changing the way of writing. The disclosed system invents a new way to improve productivity of writing, 3 characteristic help differentiate it with other system, 1.  Provided relations among ideas available, the ideas can be arranged in a logical order. So people can focus on more creative and challengeable jobs such as conceiving and composing ideas. 2. This invention provides a method of mind-map for writing, which means an idea node may leads to another idea node with the indication of the relations defined in advance. 3. Furthermore, the ideas can come from different sources, in other words, the system will help people collaborating, make them get the result faster and easier.

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Method and System for Automatic Writing

Writing is the most important way for people to record, share and exchange knowledge and information. But writing is not an easy task for many people. For thousands of years, the way of writing is not changed too much even the launch of the digital age. The difference is that some software just let people writing using computer, instead of pen and paper, but never help writing itself. Disclosed system aims to assist writing with a new way.

1 Assumption of Writing Process

The disclosed system is based on some assumptions during writing. The extension of thinking during writing doesn't step forward in a linear way. But the content of a document must be arranged in sequence. So the system invented try to convert the nonlinear thought to ordered text of a document. So suppose completing a document may go through below activities as illustrated in graphic 1,

Various thought snippets associated with the given topic are conceived in the mind, which may be vague and less



A certain thought snippet becomes clear and be converted to idea nodes, each one of which is a piece of text


including a single and complete idea or conception. Possibly, an idea node may lead to other idea nodes with the indication of certain logic relation which may be defined in advance.

Supposing each relation indicates the order of the connected two idea nodes in addition to the logic semantic. That


will make sense because idea nodes is always arrayed in sequence in a well structured document. Then a directed graph will be got with which each idea node and relation are represented by a node or an edge respectively;

The document can be completed by ordering the idea nodes using topological sorting algorithm.



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Graphic 1.Process of document composing

Let's use an example to explain the justification of the above writing process. Most novels are not composed chapter by chapter sequentially because it's seldom or never that the sciences of a long novel come to writer's mind in a reasonable order from common sense. Most likely,- the writer works on a story scene by scene, then takes large amount of efforts on compiling those scenes, which are irrelevant and complicated, to create a whole story. With the disclosed system, after the sciences are delivered to our system as idea nodes,a logically sound story will be got with the relations among the sciences marked in advance.

2 Idea Nodes and Associated Relation

A relation is a logic connection between 2 idea nodes, which also implies the order of the 2 connected idea nodes in the composing document.-Supposing 2 idea node represented with A and B, below table lists some examples of various relations


. A user is allowed to define his/her own relation.


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A implies B or A leads to B. -






A and B take place in different time

. -

A goes after B.