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A computer implemented log-parametric debug method. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201687D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-18
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A program is created to be able to run in two different mode: normal and log-parametric. In the normal mode, a log file will be generated. In the log-parametric mode, the log generated in the normal mode will be used as a parameter. The log entries may be compared with the values during the run and might be picked up to replace the value of some interim values.

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A computer implemented log -

In the past:
1. A log file is generated as a result of the running of a program . An unexpected result is observedand the programmer need to find out the root cause and fix the problem .
2. The programmer look into the log and analyze the cause of the problem by taking the original program as a reference .
3. The programmer may configure some conditions based on the information in the log and try to run the program again in some debug mode and observe the occurrence of the problem and find the root cause . But the problem might not be recreated because the condition is not exactly the same as the first run .

A program is written to run in two modes . One is normal mode and another is log -parametric mode.

In the normal mode, the program will write initial condition , multiple interim values and the resultinto a log file .

In the log_parametric mode, the program takes the log file as an input parameter and firstly read out the initial values and compare the interim values and the result in the log file . In the middle of the program run , the program can take the value in the log file as interim value and continue with the rest of the program run . A report can be generated to record the differences between the actual run and that in the log file

In the current invention :
1. A program is written to be run in two modes (normal/log-parametric)
2. In normal mode, a log file is generated as a result of the running of the program . The paramet...