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A method and apparatus for debugging java program in disconnected mode

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Publication Date: 2010-Nov-18
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This article introduces one method and system for debugging java program in disconnected mode, which can help the developer to locate error root cause more effectively.

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A method and apparatus for debugging java program in disconnected mode

To locate the root cause of one error for java program, developer usually needs to reproduce the error locally and debug the program with source code. However, for the complex enterprise applications which are running at customer environment, it's difficult to reproduce the error locallysince we don't have customer's environment. Therefore, the developer has to analyze source code and trace/log file manually to identify out the possible root causes. Most probably, the developer needs to make a debug jar to collect more debugging messages. This is very low efficient.

The core idea of this invention is to provide one method and apparatus to debug java program in disconnected mode. The developer can debug one java program based on the generated debug trace file, rather than executing the java program in debug mode and re-create the error.

JPDA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture) is the infrastructure for debugging Java program. It includes three-layered APIs:

Java Debug Interface (JDI),a high-level Java programming language interface, including support for remote debugging;

Java Debug Wire Protocol (JDWP),which defines the format of information and requests transferred between the process being debugged and the debugger front end.

JVM Tools Interface (JVMTI), a low-level native interface that defines the services a Java virtual machine provides for tools such as debuggers and profilers.

The following figure shows the work process for debugging one java program in IDE.

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We will implement this invention based on JPDA frame...