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Print document to cell phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201696D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-18
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Disclosed is a solution which can guide user to print temporary documents to cell phone instead of papers, and the mainly purpose/advantage is to save resource.

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Print document to cell phone

In daily work, we always print some electronic documents on paper for temporary usage , since we don't want to take heavy laptop everywhere. For example: resume for interview. But, we noticed that those papers will not be used any more in the future , once interview finished. So it is kind of resource waste . Our solution will help on saving paper and ink resource .

Our solution is a driver which is named "Print document to cell phone ", and it can save paper and ink resource . The driver provides solution to guide user to print temporary document to cell phone instead of papers . The mainly purpose of this tool is to save resource .

We use the following graph to explain the detail for our solution .

1). Setup driver for printing document to cell phone on user 's system
2). Use this driver to trigger action of printing files to cell phone
3). The tool check the status of cell phone by using Bluetooth , which is binding with this driver
4). If cell phone is available , pls input correct password for validation
5). If password is correct, starting to print execution .
6). Tool transform print stuff into pictures automatically
7). Tool adjust pictures to fit into screen size
8). Tool transfer pictures into cellphone by using Bluetooth

Then, done.


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Trigger action for printing files to cell phone


Prompt "unavailable cell phone"

Prompt "unauthorized"

Cell phones ready?


Input password


Password correct?


Transform print...