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Wireless access based on GPS or geolocalisation position Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201704D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-18
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Disclosed is a system and method Wireless access based on GPS or geo-localization position

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Wireless access based on GPS or geolocalisation position


    Using wireless Wi-Fi access on Personal Computer or mobile device, like PDA, tablet devices, phones, is current now. People are now more and more mobile, and usually connected all along the day to their favorite web sites, such as Social networking applications.

Today, wireless access software embedded into the device allows registering and configuring more than one Wi-Fi access point characteristics. One of those access point may be defined as preferred one. But there is no way to select automatically an access point to connect to a Wi-Fi network based on the physical position of the device and previous usage.

    The present system provides with a general and generic solution to the aforementioned drawbacks.

System and method description:

    The proposed system intends to interface the localization system in an automatic way, and save into a dedicated database, for the preferred embodiment, Wi-Fi network used for the position.

This disclosure simplifies procedure by automatic configuration and processing. Figure 1 below is a schematic representation of the system by the proposed system. Figure 1:

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As shown in figure 1, Position receiver receives the position via the GPS satellite or the 3G network and stores the position associated with the Wi-Fi configuration used. The system accesses the database when the position is used again and prop...