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Printer Accessory to Reduce the Spread of Infectious Disease

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Publication Date: 2010-Nov-18
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Printer Accessory to Reduce the Spread of Infectious Disease

    Printers are frequently used in environments, such as hospitals, where bacteria, disease, and other contaminants are prevalent. Hospitals are facing increases in the spread of drug resistant contagions such as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and C difficile infection (CDI). Printers, and in particular portable printers, are often handled by multiple staff members at a hospital such that their surfaces may be a potential carrier of contagions and foster the spread of such contagions.

    Proposed herein is an accessory that would aid in reducing the likelihood of the spread of infectious diseases. Portable printers often use a docking station to charge a battery such that the printer can later be carried and used without a wired power source. The docking station can be an enclosure which surrounds the printer during charging and the enclosure can be equipped with a germ killing ultraviolet (UV) lamp. The enclosure may further include a door interlock safety switch which turns off the UV light when the door is opened. Thus the printer can be recharged between uses while simultaneously having the exterior surfaces of the printer disinfected.

    The UV light used in such an enclosure may use direct and/or indirect reflected UV light of an appropriate frequency to bathe the exterior surfaces of the printer in UV light as the printer is recharged. Such an invention may also be used for pagers, ta...