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The method of product quality implementation for thermal receipt printer

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Publication Date: 2010-Nov-19
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This method can be lengthened the life of thermal printer head

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The method of product quality implementation for thermal receipt printer

The main problem of print quality issue on thermal printer is a missing dot print due to a death of dot on thermal head.

And the life of thermal head depends on total length of paper feed and/or total number of printing dot. Usually, the total number of printing dot effects to the life of thermal head.

Almost customer receipt has a store logo image on top of receipt and bar code on bottom of receipt. And the location of logo image and barcode are fixed. Regarding a specific dot, the print duty is higher than other dot area. So, the life on such a specific dot is earlier than other dot. If a specific dot on thermal head is dead, we can only replace the thermal head on receipt printer.

As the previous description, there are unevenness of print duty about each dot. The dot of high print duty becomes to life earlier. If print duty is lower, the life can be lengthened.

In the case of using 58mm width receipt, the area of printing is 53 mm and 432 dots currently. But printer head can be printed the area of 432 dots, so there are 4 dots are in each side. The length of 4 dots is 0.5 mm since 1 dot length is 0.125 mm and these area are within 58 mm paper as fig.1. So, we can use these area for this solution.

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In the case of printer head life is defined as below.

* Feed length 100 Km
* Total number of printing dot 50 Million times

If avera...