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A method for dynamically rerouting a package in transit Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201733D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-19
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This disclosure provides a mechanism to improve the efficiency of postal operations for postal patterns where goods have to move between 3 or more parties in a hub and spoke method such as Netflix. We'll disclose a dynamic addressing capability allowing goods to move directly between points instead of having to return to a central location to be "re-addressed". The core components to this disclosure over existing art is the ability to analyze current location for best selection for forwarding location.

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A method for dynamically rerouting a package in transit

As an example, Netflix® has 4.2 million subscribers in the USA. When these subscribers return their DVDs they go to a central processing location and then are re-addressed and sent on to their next destination. This disclosure provides a mechanism that would reduce the requirement for a central processing location. This would provide significant benefits, most obviously the efficiency which directly correlates to the amount of resources both green and otherwise that would be required. Additionally the financial benefits would lower the cost of goods and reduce the impact of proposed changes by the postal service. Recent proposals by the US Postal service threaten to have a significant impact on a company such as Netflix as and other similar companies that need to move goods around. See

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See routing and rerouting

This invention provides a method for dynamically changing the address on a mailing item so that the item does not have to go back to a central location for re-addressing. The advantages of using this invention would result in lower costs and a significant saving in resources fuel, printing etc.

This invention would work as follows (NetFlix example):
The DVD packaging is fitted with an e-address which could be made out of ePaper (see below). The









If no person has requested that DVD the address would default to the NetFlix processing location.

address display device is charged and the first address is written to the display and sent using regular mail.

When the recipient receives the mail, he watches the DVD and on completion puts it back into the

modified packaging

When the package reaches the post office or a sorting location, a device at this location detects the

package and makes a service request to determine who is next in-line to receive the DVD. The host system then collects a list of requesters.

The system then applies an algorithm to optimize the best match using: the cost of postage, time to

arrive and based on these and other f...