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Personal Security System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201735D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-19
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The invention consists of a panoramic 360 degree micro-camera mounted on an extension which places the camera above a person's head and is affixed to an earpiece, an audio microphone function, a remote/secure data repository means, and a wireless broadcast feature to permit transfer of audio and digital image data said remote/secure data repository means. The invention optionally includes a self-defense function which is in at least one embodiment an indelible ink, which when triggered by the device user, sprays all over the user and anyone within the immediate vicinity for the purpose of establishing forensic evidence. The ink could also include a stink component and/or a custom mix of chemicals which could further serve to establish forensic evidence.

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Personal Security System

Personal security for vulnerable members of society from predators remains a challenge. A system which could monitor a user's environment by capturing digital photos from various angles at various times and storing the digital data in a secure remote location may forestall or foreclose upon a predator's intent to assault a potential victim by virtue of the fact that the perpetrator may not know if their photo has been captured.

The invention in a preferred embodiment would be an extension of a mobile device (cell phone or iPodĀ®) function which includes a digital camera means, a wireless data transmission means, a system controller (inc. SW) means. An optional feature could include location and time-stamp data provided by embedded GPS and clock functions. In addition, an audio function is also anticipated for invention digitizing and recording of audio environment as well as digital images (the audio function could reside w/embedded audio features of the mobile device- microphone, etc.).

The digital camera means in a preferred embodiment could be a panoramic camera so that the digital image data could be captured from near 359 degrees (so that an aggressor could not attack from the back or side w/o being observed). In one embodiment, the invention could, when activated for real-time monitoring, establish a real-time connection to local police computer or a 3rd party security computer. The connection to police or security computer would allow uploading to a digital image (and time & location stamp) data direction to police or a 3rd party security system. Alternatively, the real-time connection could established to the user's home or office computer for data storage. The system could take digital photos every few seconds, programmable to once every minute or so (an upper or lower frequency limit is not limiting to the scope of the invention).

The invention could include an optional self-defense means. The self-defense mean could be a small reservoir of an indelible ink or stink (ie, sulfur based) solution which could be explosively released by the user upon an attack/assault event, marking the assailant for police invest...