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Automated Software Maintenance Mismatch Detection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201736D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-19
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An automated tool for detecting maintenance mismatches in runtime software maintenance levels.

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Automated Software Maintenance Mismatch Detection

When a customer using z/OSĀ®-platform software has problems, they open a PMR with a Level 2 Service group. In some cases, problem determination can go on for days or even weeks, with multiple recreates or document collection. There are times where the root cause is ultimately determined to be a maintenance mismatch. For example, they applied a PTF that affected 2 load modules in two different load libraries, and their running system picked up one of the updated modules, but is using a back-level version of the other one.

The external symptoms in cases like these are often unique and unpredictable .

The current solution for detecting a mismatch is for a Level 2 service rep eventually to notice the mismatch in an SVC dump or other documentation that the customer provides. The biggest drawback to this is that it takes enormous amounts of time and skill to detect something like this . It's a manual, time-consuming process, and it's not the first thing that is looked for. An automated process that a customer could run on-site would save time, avoid PMR's, and get resolution to some customer problems much faster.

The automated process recommended is a tool that would compare load module levels from an SVC dump with the level as reported by a customers SMP/E inventory. Detecting this kind of mismatch manually is extremely time consuming, and in some cases, the issue may not be detected at all. Taking CICS Transaction Server as an example, the IPCS VERBEXIT supplied by CICS has a routine which lists the load module and CSECT maintenance levels, such as the following:

DFHKETA 1B401C00 650 HCI6500 06/05/07 05.52
DFHKETI 1B402430 650 UK27692 08/01/07 17.07