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UWB Tag in a USB Key Fob Form Factor

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201770D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-22
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UWB Tag in a USB Key Fob Form Factor

    Location and identification information relating to mobile devices is desirable in many environments, particularly where an entity is monitoring inventory, location, and/or status of such mobile devices within an environment. However, not all mobile devices are configured with the necessary hardware to be able to determine and report their own location (e.g., a laptop or hand held scanner may not be GPS enabled).

    Disclosed herein is an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) transponder that can provide location and identification information regarding the device to which it is attached. The UWB transponder is in the form of a UWB RFID tag disposed in a USB form factor. The UWB tag can be used with anything that may support a USB host interface to provide location information in a given environment. Ideally, the tracked device (e.g., laptop computer, portable printer, hand-held scanner, etc.) is wired or wirelessly connected to a network. The UWB tag in USB form is inserted into a USB port of the device and may be powered by the USB port. A utility on the device, together with an application running on a server for the environment detects the USB tag on the device and instructs the UWB tag to begin "blinking" or broadcasting its presence. The installed UWB tag detecting infrastructure receives and acknowledges the UWB tag's presence by having the application on the server associating a unique device identifier, such as the MAC number of a lapto...