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Water Cooled Lid for Multiple Stacked Chip Design Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201795D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-23
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The use of a water-cooled module lid to cool a 3D chip stack module is described. The lid utilizes a fluid flow path which forces fluid into the sides of the lid and down to the base of a chip stack. The fluid is then returned to the top of the chip stack and out a return line away from the module.

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The performance of lidded multi-stacked module depends mainly on the TIM1 and TIM2 thermal response. With the need for high power modules in industry, a more effective cooling mechanism will be needed. Current solution for cooling modules involves typical top down cooling approach through lid and TIM1 layer of the chip in the module's construction. The drawback of the current solution restricts the effective cooling area of the chip to the top surface.

    The proposed disclosure shows a method to cool a multi-stacked module through a water-cooled lid design along with cold plate module. This is shown below in the figure. The water flows through the cold plate into the lidded module along the periphery of the multi-stacked module. This design incorporates dual quick connect to isolate lid and cold plate so that it could be serviced.

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