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Automatic Tamper-Proof Age Verification Using Dual Camera Smart Phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201802D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-23
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Disclosed is a system and method for providing a user’s age verification utilizing the cameras on a smart phone and a web-based server. This method is more automated and more secure than manual verification.

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Automatic Tamper-Proof Age Verification Using Dual Camera Smart Phone

Age verification is usually a manual, time-consuming process as it requires a human being to manually verify the age of the user/customer by visually matching the user/customer to the information provided on their driver's license or other forms of identification.

This disclosure proposes a method to provide an age verification method that is both automatic and tamper-proof.

The process for implementation when age verification is required is:

1. The user takes a self-photograph simultaneously with a photograph of their driver's license, using the built-in front and back cameras of a smart phone.

2. A system using a server deployed over the Internet compares the front image and back image. It also takes the time stamps to verify that the images are taken at the same time.

3. If the front and back images match, then the user is allowed to proceed with the transaction, event, etc.

To make this process tamper-proof, the merchant (e.g., retailers, web site operators) can generate dynamic background during the image capture using the front and back cameras to ensure that the user/customer is actually at their store or on their Web site.

The vendor can then authorize the user to proceed past the pending authentication/age verification.

For example, at a self checkout point of sale station, the system requests that the user places their driver's license on a designated location on the display. The ret...