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Adding Useful Identity Information To The Entry Field Of Instant Messaging Applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201818D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-24
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Disclosed is a method for providing recipient reminders prior to a user sending an instant message (IM), email, or text message.

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Adding Useful Identity Information To The Entry Field Of Instant Messaging Applications

Oftentimes, an individual simultaneously engages in multiple instant messenger (IM) conversations amidst other tasks. Switching between conversations, rapidly moving between applications, computer-related interruptions, and general multitasking can lead to the inadvertent sending of messages to unintended recipients. Given the increasing pervasiveness of IM as a business collaboration tool, a message sent to an unintended recipient (e.g., a message from a first person about a confidential topic intended for a second person, but instead inadvertently sent to a third person) can have unfortunate consequences. A method is needed to prevent a user from accidentally sending information to the wrong recipients.

Current solutions offer assistance in identifying with whom the user is communicating. Elements such as a screen name or photograph are typically provided in at least some of the following locations: taskbar button, top of the window, in the IM conversation itself, and in a tab located near the IM conversation. However, when sending an instant message, a user's attention is often directed to the entry field and not toward any of the aforementioned identifying information. Attending to the entry field alone risks incorrectly sent IMs.

The disclosed invention is a method of providing additional reminders regarding who is receiving a particular message. The reminders take the f...