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Subject and organization based execution ranking methodology for multiple types of business communication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201824D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-24
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Disclosure is a method/system that aims to provide the request handler with the execution sequence of various types of business requests. These requests are ranked by the final score composed by subjects of requests and organizations that senders belong to. By the enhanced ranking result, the handler can realize more explicitly the sequence of what he or she could respond in the next without scheduling by his or her own.

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Subject and organization based execution ranking methodology for multiple types of business communication

1. Problem Description of the Current Business Communication Systems

    When a list of business requests with multiple attributes in the system is presented, a user can only utilize ascending/descending way to sort the items on lists stiffly in each column. The current business systems like e-mail, customer relation management, mortgage evaluation and ticket reservation systems cannot adroitly and automatically rank the requests with attributes aligned with recent business needs of users. Furthermore, the growth of business communication requests that each user has to deal with is surging that makes this problem more severe.

    Take e-mail system as the example. The current ranking styles of business systems like e-mail are limited to ascend or descend Who, Subject, Date and Size, so they cannot provide users with the views that they exactly requires in business domains as Fig.1 depicts. Under the current situation of systems, what if users has the business requests like mails that they have to and must deal with in sequence? For example, the engineer, Mike FH Su, must check the mail from the manager with a specified subject A first. Next he has to check the mail from the architect, Libra CY Huang, with another topic B. And finally he can read the events from the colleague about the birthday party of the colleague's son, which is not so emergent. The current business systems may not support Mike to handle all the requests efficiently.

    Some inventions like [1] have developed the methodology to support the smarter ranking style for users. These ones mainly depend on the communication frequencies between users and mail senders (organizations) to decide the ranking of mails; however the business demands of users are rarely addressed in these inventions. The existing inventions are more general and not conspicuous to address the specific requirements of business users.

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Figure.1 The current business communication systems with limited ranking styles
2. Solution: Subject & Organization Based Execution Ranking (SOBER) Methodology


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    Subjects and organizations of business events/requests are the two main indicators for many users to decide the execution sequence of requests. Based on the organization and subject information of business requests/events, our invention provides the method to score each request/event and then rank them in sequence for users to execute.

    The two module within the invention, Text Miner and Keyword Score Trainer, can continuously acquire keywords from the latest sequences of business events that the user executed and utilize the flexible mathematical model to calculate the score of each keyword, respectively. The extracted keywords with scores are stored in a specific database as the reference to compute the subject score.

    When the user open his/her...