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Load Profile Gap Detection Algorithm Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201827D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-24
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Load Profile Gap Detection Algorithm

This describes a method to store a summary of profile data in master station to determine gaps in the interval data and provide a method a mechanism for historical analysis of the data over a period of time.  Interval data may have gaps due to gap in the data collected by the collector or gap in the data that is reported by a master station or any communication problems or errors in the meter that is recording the interval data.  The method provides a mechanism to localize where the gap occurred in the system.  The mechanism also provides a way to analyze data collected from multiple collectors when a meter registers to a different collector.

A master station stores the summary profile readings for each channel of the meters that are on LP schedule in a master station from the data collected by the collector that the meter is registered with, for every run of the schedule.

If the reference time for interval data retrieval form the collector for a master station LP Schedule run is not adjacent to the reference time from the previous run, then the mechanism indicates a gap in the master station for the interval data retrieval.

If the sequence number expected to be read by the master station as the starting interval in a schedule run is less than the actual sequence number of the interval data that is obtained in a schedule run, then the mechanism indicates a gap in the data collected by the collector.  It also identifies the number of missing intervals in the gap and the collector read schedule du...