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Provide a single point of control across a hybrid cloud environment via a Cast Iron TIP. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201839D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-26
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Hybrid clouds provide a highly distributed and dynamic environment that needs to be monitored and managed. Currently individual cloud providers and software implementations provide their own individual monitoring functionality. This article describes a way to provide a single view of the entire system or a single point of control and administration across the hybrid cloud.

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Provide a single point of control across a hybrid cloud environment via a Cast Iron TIP.

Challenges in the hybrid cloud environment

    Cloud computing has become popular in recent years. There are 3 major types of cloud environment: public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Public cloud, also called external cloud, is a computing service provided through the Internet by companies offering external services: private cloud, also called internal cloud, is cloud computing service on private networks; while hybrid cloud is a cloud environment consisting of external and internal services.

    An Hybrid cloud is a highly distributed and dynamic environment which introduces a challenge to system monitoring and administration. Individual cloud providers provide monitoring and administrative function for their own systems. However, it could be preferable to monitor and administer the entire hybrid cloud through a single view. To provide a single monitoring view of the hybrid cloud environment, we need a monitoring solution with high agility and scalability which can integrate data from multiple monitoring interfaces into a consistent format. This article proposes a method to integrate monitoring data of hybrid cloud environment. Architecture

    By developing an integration component between each entity in the hybrid cloud and the monitoring software solution we can create a consolidated view of the whole system, and monitor and control it as a single logical entity.

This is represented by the following diagram:

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