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Voice recognition to produce electronic vocal manuscripts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201845D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-26
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A method is described which allows for creation of musical manuscripts for voice using speech recognition software to create the lyrics to the correct pitch. The use of this in the music industry could be large as it would negate the requirement to annotate scores after musical notation is complete.

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Voice recognition to produce electronic vocal manuscripts

For many years we have had technology that will enable the user to key in specific notes into electronic vocal manuscripts so that the music generated can be played back. With the advent of midi files this has become more and more used by anyone involved with music, especially voice.

    Currently there is no known mechanism for being able to record using speech recognition software the pitch of each note and then translate that into voice manuscripts.

    We already have software which once "trained" can identify the different speech patterns of a user and then determine the words used. This is then used for controlling a computer.

    The solution disclosed herein is to extend that, so that once "trained", the voice recognition software can determine the pitch of the notes being sung and then translate that into a vocal manuscript based on known information of the pitch for the different notes of music.

    It is not possible to create mathematical algorithms to do this without training of the software to understand the specific voice of the end user.

    This solution works by training the software, where the end user would have to "sing" the relevant musical notes into software and then allow the software to process the range of notes for that end user by storing the harmonics ( of the musical notes (


notes) being sung.

    This would allow the diffe...