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System and Method for Smarter queue management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201849D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-26
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Disclosed is a system and method for queue management in stores

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System and Method for Smarter queue management


Queue management for delivery is a very complex process to manage in stores. A customer may need to access several desks in the same shop, and also make other self-service purchases during the same visit. He may take tickets for desks in parallel, or manage those purchases in sequence, but managing this presents several drawbacks:

- Few or no information are available when the customer is not in front of the desk for his position in the queue.

- Performing purchases in sequence is a lost of time.

The present system provides with a general and generic solution to the aforementioned drawbacks.

The proposed system intends to register the user to the queue he wants to use (Vegetables, caterer, cheese to be cut..., or delivery) at the entrance using his loyalty card and provides him with a unique rank number for each queue.

The customer is geo-localised into the shop.

Figure 1 below is a schematic representation of the proposed system.

Figure 1:


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As shown in figure 1, the user registers to system at shop entrance. Using his loyalty card, he is identified as unique. This card, using geo-positioning, is detected into the shop and the user position is known. A Standard queue management system is used for queue management and its output is used by the present system. When the user enters a display zone, indicated by a cross in figure 1,...