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Method and Aparatus for a using a reusable/repositionable adhesive sticker as a separator/cover page on print jobs in multi-user printers

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Publication Date: 2010-Nov-29
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This paper depicts the method and aparatus created to change the way that a printer separator page is produced in high volume printers, replacing those separators by a smaller and reusable repositionable adhesive sticker. by Flavio C Buccianti - IBM Brasil Ltda

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Method and Aparatus for a using a reusable /repositionable adhesive sticker as a separator/cover page on print jobs in multi-user printers

Disclosed is a process providing a capability to reduce an amount of paper used for a cover sheet, while also providing easier identification of the owner of the printed job even for a single-

. Embodiments of the disclosed

, containing a reusable, repositionable

                     rinted at the beginning of the printed job with a customizable identification data containing a descriptor indicating the printout owner, date, department and other information. The small sticker, (for example, a piece of paper) is temporarily glued on a first page of a printout forming a tab identifying a printed job and the owner of the print job.

Currently there is a need for a large amount of printed matter such as for contracts training and other uses. Typically use of a shared laser printer requires a separator page or a cover sheet page to identify the owner of a set of printed pages. The printing of separator pages wastes thousand of pages of paper having a very short useful life, toner and electricity. Time is also spent locating and separating by cover page the printed sets by user. A further problem occurs when a


print job composed of one page is carried by mistake together with another larger printed job.

The disclosed process provides a capability to reduce the amount of paper used for cover sheet,

                                                    . An embodiment of the disclosed process can use a small sticker, containing a reusable, repositionable adhesive,


               rinted at the beginning of the printed job and receives customizable identification data containing details such as the printout user, date, department and other descriptive information. The small adhesive piece of paper, a sticker temporarily adheres to the first page of the printout to form a tab indicating the beginning of a printed job and identifying the printout owner.

Because the adhesive tabs contain a reusable, repositionable adhesive the owner of the printout removes the tabs without marking the document. Because the tab was only printed in the available area in the glue side, the user can save the tabs to reuse as markers or for messages replacing similar use note pads.

Embodiments of the disclosed process may be implemented with minor modifications on a laser


 rinter (also applies for inkjet and film die printers) as shown in Figure 1. The tab material comprises a roll of paper (for example, thin 4 cm. but not limited to that size)


 rinting element (cylinder or print head). The tab receives printed data using approximately 6 cm. (but not limited to that size) containing information needed to identify the printout owner and other needed data. The small portion of printed paper advances out of the printing element and past a cutting device, such a paper guillotine. The cutter cuts a small portion of paper which advances to a spray device, which atomizes a small amount of repositioning adhesive in a t...