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Method and system for automatic power topology generation between devices and PDU Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202009D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-01
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This article discribed a method and system for automaticly generating the power topology between devices and PDU. There are increased interests in power consumption monitoring at green IT area and business needs to manage and control rack components power consumption data in centralized management software. The requirement is to mapping the rack components to PDU outlets dynamically and display the topology in runtime. And the IT users need to find physical power line of rack components for data center maintenance. But the current problems are: 1. Topology for PDU outlets and rack components could not be generated automatically by management software, and could not be updated dynamically. 2. Power consumption data of PDU outlets could not be calculated automatically, and could not be displayed in an integrated view. 3. The topology view is not scalable. 4. The power consumption data is not accurate when switching servers between PDU outlets. Two existing methods are: 1. Record the mapping of PDU outlets and rack components in configure file. The problems of this method are: 1). Need to change configuration file manually when mapping is changed. 2). Name of rack components must be fixed. 3). File is loaded on time without dynamic updating. 4). New configuration will not take effect until the management server is restarted. 2. Mapping the PDU outlets to rack components manually in management software GUI. The problems of this method are: 1). Manual effort is required to maintain the relationship. 2). More risk of wrong association and can not make update in time. So a automatic, scalable and accurate solution is needed to mapping the devices and PDU outlets dynamically.

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Method and system for automatic power topology generation between devices and PDU

The new method presented by this article is:
1. Every rack component sends out one encoded unique identifier by power module through power line.

1). Power module UUID is encoded to one unique identifier, and sent out by power module.

2). This identifier is sent out automatically when rack component power up or specific request is received.

3). This identifier could be electrical signal via AC line.
2. PDU receives the encoded identifier and decodes it to device information, then sends an event to management software.

1). The identifier is decoded to device information by PDU firmware.

2). PDU save the identifier information in order to support management software query.

3). The decoded device information will be sent out by PDU as an event to management software .
3. Management software could get the mapping information of rack component and PDU outlet by receiving event or query .

1). Management software updates the inventory/DB and the topology view.

2). The power consumption data can be saved and accumulated.
4. For any mapping change, management server will receive event from PDU, and update mapping information automatically .


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Server-Outlet topology will be updated automatically in the management software whenever the physical association is changed.


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