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Ventilation arrangement and ventilated space Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202032D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-01

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Ventilation arrangement comprising a multiplicity of ventilation outlet ducts, for the ventilating of a constructional space such as a building, cabin or part thereof, in particular for the ventilating or a greenhouse, which comprises an inlet for gas or gaseous material such air to be circulated in said space, connected with a ventilator for the providing of ventilation gas to a ventilation outlet duct which is embodied with a wall of foil like material, which stretches in the space to be ventilated spacious area, and is provided with a multiplicity of outlet openings that are each smaller in cross section than that of the ventilation outlet duct, and which air is admitted to the space to be ventilated via a gas receiving chamber which in its turn is provided with outlet openings to the space to be ventilated, characterized in that the chamber forms part of the ventilation arrangement, and is embodied with a wall of foil like material, which is applied against or else around the duct.

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The present invention relates to an treatment arrangement for gas or gaseous material such as air, in particular conditioned gas, for use in spatial area's such as buildings


and cabins, in particular spaces for use by organisms such as men, animal and plants, especially but not limited to greenhouses, effecting circulation and/or re-circulation of said air or other gaseous material from the spatial area to be controlled. In case of conditioned air, typically temperature, humidity and, in case of greenhouses, level of Carbon-dioxide (CO2) is controlled, without excluding other forms of conditioning or



Such a treatment arrangement is known from the "Priva re-circulation concept" as commercialised by PRIVA AGRO®, and as schematically represented by annexed figure 1. The re-circulation concept is a combination of ventilators to which air hoses


are coupled so as to cause movement of the air in the lower area of a greenhouse. The hoses or tubes run in parallel at ground level, mostly below a crop row defined by a substrate gutter, and each serves to distribute conditioned, at least new air, preferably in a dampened manner, to one or more rows of crop. It is conceived to promote quiet movement of air at the lower parts of a crop, to save on energy costs by


bringing relatively warm air of the upper areas down; to dry especially lower parts of crops and so to limit growth of mould; to promote cooling during night time; to improve the micro climate for crops and to activate these and, in general, for temperature and humidity equalisation in the greenhouse. The known re-circulation arrangement may be devised with a vertically extending air entry duct, either with or without a valve


directing thereto, so as to directly take in relatively warm air if so desired.

With air tubes often included below the crop in a greenhouse, rather than in an upper section of the greenhouse, hall or other building, the air ducts are included in series or parallel below the object to be provided with conditioned gaseous material, which in


the known example is the crop. The result is a movement of air below the object or crop, which latter in a greenhouse is often included at some height, typically about 50 cm above floor level. A comparable effective level is true for spatial area's like an office room, where people tend to sit at this height, and where the important exchange instance of the organism, the human longs, together with the human skin and head,


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are situated and accessed above said level. The movement of gas includes a slow vertical movement of air through the spatial area, in particular through the crop in the case of a greenhouse, resulting in equalisation both in vertical and horizontal direction, of temperature and other conditioned gas or air factors between the plants. The airstream in this example of a known treatment system...