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Manage a Pico Projector image size via gesture. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202050D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Dec-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Dec-02
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Current “pico” projectors have a fixed size image. Often a user may want to change the size of the image, and must resort to physically moving the projector. However physically moving the projector is often cumbersome. An alternative is to use a camera to determine the desired image size through gestures or other method to reduce the projection image.

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To change the size of the displayed image with a pico projector, the user must move the projector forward or backward in relation to the display surface. Moving the projector away creates a larger image. Moving the projector forward creates a smaller image. Imagine the user trying to use a pico projector at their desk as a 2nd display, there are times when a large image is desired to share data with associates, and times when a small image is better to keep things more private. Physically moving the projector to achieve this is cumbersome.

The idea is to use a camera mounted with or near the pico projector to recognize simple gestures or items to affect the projected image. The image would be modified by adding a scalable black border around the projected image. Some examples:
• The user places a sheet of paper (business card or standard notebook

page) into the projected image. The camera recognizes the white square shape and reduces the projected image by way of a black boarder to only the size of the screen.

• The user desires a smaller image on the projection screen. The user

places their hands outside the projected image path and slowly brings their hands together. The camera recognizes the gesture and reduces the size of the image again by displaying an enlarging black border.