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Mirror Enabled Dual View Camera Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202054D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Dec-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Dec-02
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This article discloses a method, via software and hardware, to capture camera images from opposite directions simultaneously with a single image sensor Capturing front and rear video simultaneously is not feasible with a single “front facing” camera. This solution provides a way for a single camera module to switch from being a front facing to a rear facing camera with the use of embedded mirrors and algorithms.

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Mirror Enabled Dual View Camera

This disclosure describes a mechanism where a dual view mirror web-camera is used in combination with a mirror that can be flipped such that the light coming in from openings in the front or the rear of the LCD screen bezel is directed to a single image sensor, see Figure 1.

The dual view mirror solution could be flipped manually by the user via a slider and could support "front", "rear", and "off" modes, or automatically via an electronic signal. The dual view mirror may also allow for fine adjustment so that the camera could be pointed downward. The solution would also feature software to flip the image and otherwise correct for any effects from the mirror.

The dual view mirror solution would be useful in VoIP applications to get a better angle on the users face while leaving the tilt of the LCD to the optimum readable angle. The mirror configuration has industrial design advantages over a flipping camera module since the plastics are stationary and from the outside all that is visible to the user are the two clear plastic/glass lens openings in the front and back. It has cost advantages over a dual camera sensor approach since no changes are required to the sensor, sensor module, or data bus.

Via electronic switching of the mirror, simultaneous video feeds (from the front and the rear) are possible with one image sensor (CCD), see Figure 2. Simultaneous image grabs can be obtained with dual camera modules, but it is more costly...