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Automated Audit Compliance Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202064D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-03
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The purpose of this publication is to describe an automated mechanism for gaining and storing annual approvals required by the company.

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Automated Audit Compliance Tool

Companies are often faced with the challenge of ensuring that regulations are followed and that managers are able to pro-actively manage to ensure compliance consistently and effectively.

This disclosed solution provides an automated mechanism (i.e. database, website or other tooling) for gaining and storing annual approvals required by the company that is integrated with the company's employee directory. The key advantages of this disclosure are as follows: automation to ensure audit compliance; increased efficiency in managing compliance certifications; centralized documentation and repository for compliance records. The objective is to provide management with the ability to establish corporate guidelines in the tool (i.e. limits on spending, requirements for levels of management approval, etc.) that will then be sent out to the employees via a form for completion to determine compliance requirements based on the employee's needs and then route to the necessary approval levels required based on the employee's responses (i.e. 1st line manager, executive level, etc.). It also provides visibility to the pipeline of approved expenses and the types of approved expenses being forecasted.

For the purpose of this example, the focus will be on managing the approvals required for Expense Reimbursements pre approval tool. This disclosure has the potential of being expanded for other uses beyond that of just pre-approval for Expense Reimbursements. The model could be used by other organizations, companies, etc. to build in the audit requirements and automated certification process / flow to ensures employees are adhering to the guidelines. The intent of this process is to provide:

Automated method in place for ensuring audit compliance

Centralized documentation process in place, employees were not maintaining the appropriate documentation
Mechanism to ensure that employees follow audit regulations and route to the appropriate levels of management based on the type of expense
Automated process in place to remind employees to complete annual cert...