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Suggesting Mobile Applications Based on Geolocation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202076D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-03
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Disclosed is a novel tool for utilizing the geolocation of a mobile device to identify additional, relevant applications that would enhance the user experience.

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Suggesting Mobile Applications Based on Geolocation

Mobile device users enjoy the convenience offered by applications which ease travel and navigation or provide more information about the current or nearby locations. In order to use the applications, however, users must manually search for these applications on the device. Mobile application stores carry these applications, but do not suggest applications to you based on your current location. A method is needed to increase the efficiency and convenience of accessing relevant mobile device applications.

As prior art, existing approaches to a solution and their drawbacks include:
• Tool that suggests stores, restaurants, or places of interest based on locations and preferences. [1] This does not overlap with the idea of suggesting mobile applications based on geolocation.

• Tool that suggests local search results based on locations from cellar phone identification. [2] This does not overlap with the idea of suggesting mobile applications based on geolocation.

• Tool that takes check-in data and makes recommendations on a broad scale. [3] This example is based on suggesting physical places a person should visit and not that of a mobile application.

• Method that addresses location-based applications in general, but none toward this specific usage. [4]

All the prior make suggestions for physical locations to visit (e.g., stores, restaurants) based on geolocation; however, none suggest a mobile application to supplement or enhance the end-user experience at their current location.

The disclosed invention creates a section in an online store labeled "Nearby Applications," which provides a list, sorted by proximity, of available applications which pertain to areas of interest near the user. As a supplemental tool to their experience, the "Nearby Applications" tool allows a user find places of interest and assist them in navigating to/...