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Extensible Wiki System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202102D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-03
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Disclosed is a system which allows a user to specify content type when updating or uploading wiki content. Thus a wiki server may choose to support multiple wiki formats, eliminating porting among supported formats. Additionally, server side script can be supported as one of the content types. The result is ease of use and rich functionality.

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Extensible Wiki System

Wiki is a popular collaborative tool; however, it has the following shortcomings:

• Each wiki server uses its own proprietary format. The formats are similar but not identical. Porting a wiki page from one format to another requires format conversion.

• Some wiki formats allow client-side scripting (scripts executed in the browser) to generate dynamic content. But server side scripting ability is lacking, limiting dynamic content mostly to simple user interface elements. (Note: Server side programs are not limited to "scripts". When mentioned in this disclosure, script is only an example of server side program, which includes computer binary executables and text format scripts. A server can support a large number of program formats.)

This invention allows the user (i.e., client or browser) to specify content type when updating or uploading wiki content or data via the wiki interface. Thus, a wiki server can support multiple wiki formats or non-wiki formats such as plain text or hypertext markup language (HTML), allowing greater flexibility to the user and eliminating porting among supported formats. Additionally, the invention supports server side script as one of the content types.

This invention does not prevent client side scripting, which can be provided either as static wiki content, or dynamically generated by server side scripting. Client side scripting does have limitations, such as the client machine not having access to a certain data source (i.e., database servers). Client side scripts generally cannot write persistent data on client machine. The client side program itself cannot be large, otherwise it will take a long time to download onto the client machine, making page loading very slow.

Usage scenario: a user wants to share a daily report with other users via a web page. The user sets up a wiki page, but will have to update the page daily. Even if the update can be automated, it is still cumbersome as the user has to set up a computer program to run daily to update the page. Such reports can be set up on the server side via cgi, php, etc.; however, that requires the user to have access to server administration, negating the ease-of-use aspect of a wiki page. This invention allows a user to upload server side programs via a wiki interface. The result is ease-of-use and rich functionality.

The invention is essentially a combination of:

• wiki

• content typing


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• server side scripting

The system has two components: the client and the server. In this context, the client is a web browser and the server is a wiki web server. The client creates, updates, and re...