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Framework to Compose and Maintain Custom Views of Data from Data Extracted from Various Information Sources Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202103D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-03
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Disclosed is a method to create, maintain and utilize a dynamic view of data composed from a variety of heterogenous data sources with ability to use parts or all of data from each data source. The protocol, access and other meta data needed to retrieve data from each data source is encapsulated in pluggable modules designed for that specific purpose.

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Framework to Compose and Maintain Custom Views of Data from Data Extracted from Various Information Sources

The disclosed method has the following parts:

1. A chooser or crawler program that accompanies the information viewer (or has its own independent logic to locate and view information) to allow choosing of specific portions of information and assigning labels for each of them. This program allows a previously used label or a new label to be used.

2. An Information locator program that uses the information obtained by the chooser to construct an Information Locator String (ILS) which identifies the unique location of the information within a resource identified by its Uniform Resource Locator (URL) , document or query result and including the information about format, protocol, access etc. The information locator program will have pluggable bridges that has specific logic to understand data formats, communication protocols, security protocols, private access information like login, password etc. and any custom actions needed to be performed on an intermediate application before the relevant data can be obtained (like values to submit in a form for a search query). The results of information locator is stored as table entries indexed by the label.

3. A retriever, assembler or display program for users to view all information associated by them to a label. It contains the algorithm to locate all the ILS for a given label, use appropriate bridge to retrieve the information from each information source, construct a dynamic Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) with all the information about its location (URL) and name.

By making the parts that understand specific information formats, communication protocol, security protocol etc. as pluggable bridges, wide variety of information sources like World Wide Web, private intranet, peer to peer networks, off-line data sources can be accessed and wide variety of data formats like Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), EXtensible Markup Language (XML), raw data etc. can be retrieved as needed.


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As an example, if the user uses a web browser to search for information in World Wide...