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Method of Managing Calendar Entry Update

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202112D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-03
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Disclosed is a system and method to ensure that all participants in an electronically-scheduled meeting receive updates regarding meeting details. The meeting owner receives notifications indicating who has received the updates and can re-send information when necessary.

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Method of Managing Calendar Entry Update

Frequently, a user updates an electronic calendar entry (i.e., meeting notice) after the owner has created and the participants have accepted it. If the meeting is rescheduled to a different time, then the participants' acceptance is sent back to the owner. However, other changes in meeting details such as the conference call number or pass code, conference room, e-meeting URL or pass code, description, attached documents, etc. do not require an acknowledgement of receipt. This may result in participants missing the update, especially in instances of short notice, causing confusion and wasted meeting time.

To avoid this situation, meeting owners could be helped with a notification method which allows them to see each participant's level of update (i.e., Have they received the update?). With this, the meeting owner could ensure that everyone has the same information.

This disclosure describes a method of providing version control of calendar updates where the system notifies the meeting owner of each participant's acceptance of a meeting update. The owner then has the option to send a personalized (last-minute) update to any participant whose calendar entry is not up-to-date.

The current invention has the following advantages over the prior arts:

1. A holistic view of the history change of calendar event's related data. The system can provide a graph to present timeline change, delta comparison between each calendar update version, etc.

2. Customized, granular, and accumulated update to each participant when compared with the master...