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Enhanced log viewer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202148D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-06
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The main idea of this innovation is a new way for presenting information such as logs file that help user to understand and view all the interactions between the system logs. The innovation is to propose to format the display in function of the log timestamps.

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Enhanced log viewer

To efficiently analyze event and message across several LOG files from multiple systems (such as different partitions in a z/OS Sysplex environment or heterogeneous systems)?

In multi-systems environment, problem detection generally needs to be think in term of environment (all the systems) instead of unique system.

Analyzing all this systems logs without any help could be problematic and we can miss important information about message exchange flow.

Existing solution:

In case of many logs files there is a need for a solution that provides a synchronous view of all the system.

One must manage manually each file.

Offering a tool with:

- An interface able to display efficiently several log files.
- An interface based on timeline, providing a synchronous view of several logs even if the source file don't have the same numbers of messages and lines

o Based on date and time user will be able to see all the "simultaneous" action

in all systems

o The program provides the ability to add an offset to a log in case the source

         log file are not synchronous in term of timestamp (example: system A & B have internal clock with Xsec of difference
- After enabling the "enhanced view" mode, when we scroll inside of how the log, other log display also move synchronously
Here is the c# code of the most important part of the program.

This code uses two custom C# classes, but a similar program could be provide in a large number of programmation language, object-capab...