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Recovering from Keys Locked in a Car or House Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202173D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Dec-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Dec-07
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Mark C Davis: INVENTOR [+8]


Disclosed is a program for cell phones and other mobile devices to interpret policy and unlock a car or a house when other means such as keys are not available.

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Recovering from Keys Locked in a Car or House

Keys and security tokens have been in use for long time. However, a significant vulnerability is that if a person leaves a key inside a locked space, it is hard to recover the keys.

If the key (or security token) is smart enough to know that it is locked inside the secured area, it could take action to help solve the problem.
How can a cell phone determine it is inside a secured area? Examples include a cell phone with


or other location methods know that it is inside the house or inside a car that has the identical location. The cell phone could easily be programmed with the location of the house. A car with a


would know its current location.
The cell phone must determine the area is locked. Automobiles already know if the doors are unlocked or locked. A house alarm system could be augmented to know the alarm was activated, or doors are closed or doors are locked. Also, time since last used, time since last moved, time house are car locked could be used as parameters to determine the situation. For example, if the car is locked for 5 minutes, action might be taken.

Here are several sample applications and policies:

1. I the device detects that it is locked in the house or car, it could email, twitter, text or other communication to the owner or an emergency contact of the owner to notify them of the situation
2. If the devices detects that it is locked...