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Location Based Food Ordering Service Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202175D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-07
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Disclosed is a method for using a smart device equipped with a Global Positioning System or other location technology in conjunction with a smart application to submit and pay for food orders and pick them up at the most convenient location of a selected restaurant.

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Location Based Food Ordering Service

To place an order with a restaurant, customers have to either go through a drive-through or actually go into the restaurant itself. This may be inconvenient or time consuming.

Today's cellular or smart phone or smart device technology can improve the process of ordering food by employing Global Positioning Systems (GPS) or other location technologies for the task.

This invention is different from existing solutions [1] in that the user is not establishing a direct link when they are ready to place the order, but is creating an order, placing it, and selecting a location via an application running on a smart device.

The disclosed invention defines a new method by which to place a food order based on the location of the customer, without the customer having to go through either a drive through or walk-in to the restaurant itself. When a user wants to order food from a restaurant, they use an application on their smart device. This application allows the user to select a restaurant and create the order from the displayed menu. The user is able to manipulate their order until it is confirmed and placed. At the time the user creates the order, the application provides a list of selected pick-up locations. The user selects the location that is best for them for pickup. The application can also register the user's preferred method of payment.

When the user is ready to pick up their food, the user drives to the location. Once the use...